Adult Education and the Social Media Revolution

Can you complete this in 45 Minutes??  1 Page


The question you need to answer is how the authors of this article use references of other researches to support or challenge their viewpoints.

You need to find an example (a specific reference/citation) the authors use in the article and explain how the authors use the citation to do one of the following (just answer one of the three):

refer to another work in order to give legitimacy to their own point

refer to another work in order to build upon the ideas of others; or


refer to another work in order to challenge that work.


Explain why you’ve chosen this example. Then, describe an example from your own life in which you rely upon the work of others to complete a task or accomplish a goal. (This example might be from your workplace, community, or academic life.)



  3-4 points: Post identifies examples, but fails to adequately describe/discuss those examples within the stated context.

  5 points: Post identifies examples from both the text and the student’s life and fully explains the significance of these examples within the stated context.


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