Emily is attending a music festival in Melbourne this

Case ScenarioEmily is attending a music festival in Melbourne this weekend. Emily’s mother has manyconcerns, as she has heard drug testing is being done at this concert. Her mother believesthat drug testing at music festivals encourages young people to use illicit drugs at musicfestivals.As a future health professional, you are interested in learning if drug testing at musicfestivals promotes illicit drug use amongst teenagers.For Part B of Assessment 3 students are required to reflect on the above scenario and thefindings of the research paper titled ‘Music festival attendees’ illicit drug use, knowledgeand practices regarding drug content and purity: a cross sectional survey,’ and describesome of the enablers and barriers to the uptake of this papers research findings.Students can locate the above research paper via Leganto found under the tile calledHLSC122 Weekly Readings. Once you have opened Leganto please scroll down to Week 10where this article can be located.The full reference for the article that students are required to critique is below:Day, N., Criss J., Griffiths, B., Gujral, S.K., John-Leader, F., Johnson, J., & Pit, S. (2018). Music festivalattendees’ illicit drug use, knowledge and practices regarding drug content and purity: Across-sectional survey. Harm Reduction Journal, 15(1), 1-8. doi: 10.1186/s12954-017-0205-7