Biographical Sketches


Each student will complete and submit a 3-5 page biographical sketch on one of the New Testament writer St. Peter. Students will complete and submit the biographical sketch after researching appropriate resources material on the selected writer. A minimum of ten (10) sources other than the Bible are required. Citations and references are to be in Turabian Style (8th Edition).    The sketch is 100 points and accounts for 15% of the final grade.




The biographical sketch consists of information regarding the writer’s ethnic, cultural, social, economic, educational and religious background. The sketch should also include the writer’s known direct or indirect involvement with the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. The sketch should also include the writer’s style and how that style relates to other methods of the period. Finally, the sketch should make conclusive statements about the writer, their style, and how their involvement with Jesus Christ and their calling shaped their perspective.




Submit in one complete document. Multiple documents will not be accepted.


Font – 12 pt. Times New Roman or Arial


Margins: 1 inch header, footer, left and right.


Spacing: Line spacing is double with no before or after spacing per line.


Footnotes: footnote all citations using Turabian style.




            Title page (un-numbered)


            Outline (not required – if included use roman numerals)


            Body (begins with page 1)


                        Introduction (half page)


                        Content (3 pages with appropriate citations)


                        Summary and Conclusion (1 page with appropriate citations)




            Appendices (as needed)


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