Business and society

Business and society


  • Give a concise but thorough answer to the following essay questions.

  • You may type your responses directly after each question or in a separate document.  Make sure to add your name to your exam.

  • Your responses will be graded on completeness.  I encourage you to add real-life experiences or observances.

  • Do not type your responses in bold or colored fonts.

  • Each question is worth 10 points (100 points total).






    1. Why did Congress enact the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? What are the major provisions and benefits of the Act?



    2. What is crisis management? Describe the four stages of the crisis management process and possible conditions, strategies, and tactics that an organization may experience or consider at each stage.



    3. What additional legal issues must a company contend with when it engages in commerce beyond its own borders?



    4. What are the four types of corporate social responsibility? Provide a brief explanation of each type, including an example of how a business may fulfill each responsibility.   Give a example and brief summary of a company that demonstrates strong social responsibility.



    5. Describe the fiduciary responsibilities of members of a board of directors.  What are some of the characteristics of the best boards of directors?



    6. What are the performance benefits of social responsibility? Outline the benefits to investors, customers, and employees.



    7. How can a strong compliance program act as a buffer to keep employees from committing crimes and protect the company’s reputation? What are the key elements of the program?






    8. What criteria do investors use for selecting companies to include in a social investment strategy? (pages 89-91)



    9. Name the three attributes of stakeholders, and explain how these attributes may affect the development of a relationship between a stakeholder and a company.



    10. What are the arguments for and against high levels of executive compensation?




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