Business Information System

Business Information System


Short Writing:  Study the four ways that a business or organization can get a new software system.  Think about whether a new system should be purchased (under outsourcing, pg. 179), done by in-house in-sourcing, by in house self-sourcing, or be outsourced? What questions need to be asked and answered before deciding on one or more of the options? What are the benefits of each of the four way?  What are the areas of concern for each of the four option?   What possible combination of options might be possible?


This short writing is expected to be in your words or paraphrasing of other resources. The use of direct phrases and sentences from resources, even with quotes, is discouraged. When saving, use your last name at the beginning of the file name.


Remember to use the written paper guidelines: Name, course, and date. Use 1″ margins, double spacing, font size 12 and preferably a sans-serif font, such as Arial, Tahoma, or Verdana. Apply the 4-C’s of writing: Correct, complete, clear, and concise.


Upload and submit your 1-2 page paper in the D2L dropbox for this week. Be sure to document your sources properly. 


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