Please help me answer with the following questions about communication


Communication is an important consideration in organizations, and a number of different constructs fit within the communication viewpoint. What types of leader communication attitudes and activities contribute to productive behaviors by organizational members? What types of leader communication attitudes and activities contribute to unproductive behaviors by organizational members? What different motives might people (and the organization) have for communication? In other words, are organizations and organizational members, including leaders, always attempting to provide clear and open communication or are there alternative motives? If so, what might they be? Under what conditions might communication in an organization be most effective or productive?



2.    In the digital age, new channels for communication have developed that simply did not exist a few decades ago. Cell phones, e-mail, texting, Twittering…who knows what might develop next. However, various channels for communication are not always the best choice for different types of messages or communication needs. When should different communication channels be used? When should they be avoided? Can you provide an example from your organization when choice of the wrong channel had detrimental effects? What advantages are there to new digital technology forms? What are the disadvantages?



Please answer in an APA not an official paper format. No word count. Just answer questions in full detail.

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