for Tutorjass: I will pay $10.00 now and balance tomorrow at 6pm

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for Tutorjass: I will pay $10.00 now and balance tomorrow at 6pm

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Information Literacy Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to learn about information literacy by exploring the concept ofpeer review. You may be familiar with peer review in prior writing courses, but what does it meanwhen you talk about peer review in relation to academic source material? Click on the followinglink to a (already attached- see the peer review PPT) Peer Reviewed Journals: The PDF presentation contains20 slides that will introduce the peer review cycle.

After reviewing the presentation, compose a 2-Paragraph response in which you address eachof the following points:

  • In your own words, identify points in the peer review cycle that seem especially importantand explain why.
  • How does an editor differ from a peer reviewer? Use at least two points to support yourresponse.
  • Based on this information, explain whether your article for this week was peer reviewed?How can you determine this information?
  • As you work on your research in this class, where specifically can you look to find peer-reviewed information?



Source Summary 

The purpose of the Source Summary is to effectively summarize and attribute information from a source. Use the library databases to retrieve an article from the Course Theme Reading List on the topic you selected last week. If you are considering a new topic, confirm your choice with your professor. Once you retrieve the article, print it or save a local copy of the full text article to your hard drive so that you can refer to the contents of the article offline. (If the source is from the textbook, this step does not apply.) Read the source carefully, noting the thesis, topic sentences, headings, supporting details, and the conclusion. To become more skilled at summary and paraphrasing, you will practice writing summaries of different lengths on the same assigned source.

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