Leadership Development Plan

Leadership Development Plan

Activity Instructions

Submit the written version of your Leadership Development Plan project. The information from assignments in Units 2 and 4 will form part of this document, and the insights from the results of the 360-degree Global Leader of the Future assessment will be added here in Unit 5. In addition you will give your own assessment of your ability to use the Five Minds for the Future (Gardner, 2007).

Your paper should be divided into the four headings below:

  • Global leadership concerns for the future. Remember that the concerns for the future must be rooted in global trends. These were discussed in Unit 1 and included in your written assignment in Unit 2. (Approximately 1–2 pages.)
    • Identify the global trends that you see driving a global leadership agenda. Integrate, if possible, the impact of this agenda on your industry.
    • Clearly link leadership development needs (using any of the articles pertaining to leadership development) to the applicable global trends.
  • Emerging leadership theory to guide a global agenda. Analyze emerging leadership theories (at least two) that are appropriate for a global agenda. These topics were developed in the written assignment for Unit 2. (Approximately 1–2 pages.)
    • Select a theory that is appropriate for professional growth and for guiding an individual global agenda.
    • Provide your rationale for choosing this theory to frame your leadership agenda.
  • Evaluation of responsibility to prepare the self as a leader. The responsibility to prepare the self is a topic explored and developed in Unit 4 and assessed in the assignment of Unit 4. (Approximately 1–2 pages.)
    • Offer a clear and unambiguous statement evaluating the need for self-directed leadership preparation for a competitive, complex, and diverse workplace.
    • Explicitly address how leadership preparation should address each of those factors: competition, complexity, and diversity in the workplace.
  • Personal plan to support the evolving, reflective self as global leader. Drawing on the context you set in points 1-3 and using the results from the 360-degree review from the Global Leader of the Future Inventory, prepare a plan which supports your personal growth as a global leader. This step constitutes the main part of your project. The plan should reflect and flow logically from the understandings developed on trends, future concerns, emerging leadership theory, evaluation of self-directed preparation, and the 360-degree results. (Approximately 9–12 pages.)
    • Describe your development goals.
    • Summarize the action steps of your plan in the order in which you intend to accomplish them. You will describe how each action step supports your development goals and how each of the steps relates to and builds upon one another.
    • You will be specific and concrete about the action steps you will take toward developing one or more of the Five Minds in yourself. Each action step must be clearly defined, achievable, and have measurable outcomes. Explicitly address each of these elements for each action step.
    • Describe how you will evaluate your progress for each step.
    • Include a clear summary statement of how the plan will support and enhance your growth and the growth of others.

The total paper should be no longer than 15 pages of text. Appendices should include a summary of the results from the Global Leader of the Future Inventory and a calendar for the action steps in the plan. A reference list of 15 sources must also be included.

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