More Medical Terms

As you completed in the Assignments from Lessons 2 through 4, two separate paragraphs need to be written with the medical terms listed below. Each term must be used such that it demonstrates that you understand their meaning. These terms may be used in any order within their respective paragraph and need to be underlined or in BOLD font within your assignment.

***CORRECT Example:                                       

“When we injure ourselves, edema, or swelling, occurs andleukocytes travel to an infected area and destroy bacteria as a part of our immune response.”

***INCORRECT Example:

“Part of the immune response is edema and leukocytes.”

You can see how the first example shows that the writer knows what the words mean, while the second example doesn’t show an understanding of the terms.

Medical terms to include in the FIRST paragraph:

Pituitary gland

Adrenal gland


Diabetes mellitus


Cushing’s syndrome

Graves’ disease

Medical terms to include in the SECOND paragraph:

Central nervous system

Peripheral nervous system



Spinal Cord


Multiple Sclerosis

Cerebral vascular accident



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