professional business db4

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professional business db4



Professional development involves more than looking for work. It involves learning more and adapting to changing work environments. More and more organizations utilize small work groups to accomplish major tasks. With technology it’s no longer necessary for groups to meet physically in an office. Groups can be assigned with group members at separate locations throughout the globe. They are expected to take advantage of technology (email, chat rooms, web conferencing, etc) to accomplish their mission(s). 


To become better “group” members, we often must look at our past and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses. 


For this project from your own professional perspective:


1.     Identify a time in which you worked with a group (work group, church group, school group, etc.) where the experience was unpleasant. Without naming anyone within the group summarize the group’s mission and then explain “why” you felt the group didn’t live up to its potential. Be specific in identifying issues.


2.     What could you personally have done differently that could have made the group more successful? 


3.     How can participating in groups help you in not only succeeding in your current job but help you in finding future employment?


3 to 4 paragraph


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