I. Recruitment
✓ What is the recruitment plan/goal(s)?
✓ What recruitment sources are you going to use?
- Internal search? If yes, why?
- Employee referrals and recommendations? Why?
- External searches? Why?
a. Advertisements? –where? Why? How?
b. Employment agencies? Will you have a contract based partnership?
c. Schools, colleges and universities? Why? How?
d. Job Fairs? Why?
e. Labor Unions?
f. Unsolicited Applicants? Why? (Will you keep information about unsolicited applicants for later use?
- Online recruitment?
a. Company’s website (like career page)?
b. Job Boards?
c. Social Media? Why?
Or the combination of some of the above mentioned methods?

VI. Employee Selection
✓ What is the process of Selection in your company? Describe each step.
- Will you use realistic job previews or not (internship)?
- Physical/medical examinations?
- Background Investigations?

Paper: 10-15 pages + any appendices and references.
Font: Arial, size 12. Line spacing 1.5.

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