unit 3 DB itcl

For your discussion board for Week 3, use your favorite search engine to research the steps necessary to do an effective presentation using PowerPoint. Explore beyond your first results, and look for information that interests you and that you did not know about making effective presentations.

After your research is complete, post 2–3 tips that you found about doing effective presentations to the Discussion Board. You must have at least 2 tips to share, although you may post more.

Your primary post should consist of at least 2 paragraphs. A paragraph should be at least 3 sentences or more long. At the end for your post, document all of the sources of your information by using APA-style references. If you have questions about citations, refer to the AIU APA guide on the sidebar. You do not need a cover sheet on this assignment. Your reference should appear at the end of your post.


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