Write a term paper for European sovereign Debt Crisis 2011(Greece),around 2500 words

Write a term paper for European sovereign Debt Crisis 2011(Greece),around 2500 words

European sovereign Debt Crisis 2011(Greece)

For the case you choose, you can analyze the following:

1. Why did the crisis start?

2. What were the consequences in the economy?

3. How long was the duration of the crisis?

4. Try to analyze how the economy was before the crisis begins.

5. Try to propose alternatives that may be useful to avoid a similar phenomenon.

6. Of course you can always extend these ideas. The approach that you will follow is always up to you.


approximately 2500 words

 • Word limits include appendices, footnotes, endnotes and notes on figures / diagrams/tables etc., but exclude bibliography, figures / diagrams / tables (excluding text) and equations.


Finding Sources: The best place to start is EconLit. AND limiting the sources to the Journal of Economic Perspectives and the Journal of Economic Literature. These journal provide broad, high quality and generally accessible overviews of the literature on any broad topic you can think of. Be wary of internet sources. Recall that what we do in academia is verifiable and traceable. By contrast, most of what you see on the internet is undocumented and unverifiable. Your paper wont have much credibility if you are citing rants or statistics from obscure web sites. Wikipedia may not be always very reliable as a source for Economics, since extreme ideas couched in Economics terms are the traffic of ideologues. EconLit should be your first step. Need late breaking news? Go to a credible source: the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Economist, CNN.


Some Useful Advices

 1. Make sure you are focused on answering the question.

2. In your preparation it is a good idea to identify central issues (main points) and less central issues (additional points).

3. Make sure you properly explain/discuss main points.

 Make use of additional material where appropriate

4.Include an introduction and a conclusion.  

Your introduction should include a (very) brief outline of your essay what you plan to do.

5.Try and make your arguments clear and coherent


Don’t quote large chunks of material. 

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