A Look at Security in the Microsoft Cloud in Windows Server 2016 Summary

A Look at Security in the Microsoft Cloud in Windows Server 2016 Summary

Scan the articles that appear about Windows Server 2016 and related technologies such as Azure and System Center. Use those articles to identify any significant new information about Windows Server 2016 that has been released. Select one piece of new information (e.g. new feature, change in support policy, new security risk) that you think is important or useful. Write a one-page summary that describes the new information and why it is important.

Select an article that describes a new or updated technology that can be implemented in Windows Server 2016 or in a Windows Server 2016 network. Identify any hardware and software components that are required to implement the feature and then make a mini project plan for implementing that feature.

Select one article that is of particular interest to you (not necessarily focused on Windows Server 2016). Perform additional Internet research on that topic and then write a summary of that article. Include why you were interested in the article, what you learned from it, and how you could use it in your career as a computer network professional.



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