choose any one item that will get you onto the path of pedagogical reflection

The midterm write-up provides a chance to explore the field of philosophy of education in greater depth, as well as a chance to find one’s own unique edge in approaching and engaging in philosophical reflection on teaching and learning. You are encouraged to find ways to creatively bring your everyday and academic passions into your philosophical thinking. For the write-up you will choose any one item that will get you onto the path of pedagogical reflection, be it a scholarly piece, an object, a sign, a thought, an experience, a hobby, a song, a person, a quote, a movie, etc. What is key is that the item somehow either reflects your passion or that about which you are passionate or reflects your creative effort at helping us understand any aspect of education, teaching or learning. In your write-up, you should articulate an answer to the following questions: Why is the thing you have chosen important to you, or what does it signify? How might the piece that you have chosen help you expand your own as well as our understanding about any aspect of education, teaching or learning? (Please provide a thought out, more than one paragraph response to this question). Are any challenging or productive questions raised for us through your reflection on the thing you have chosen? (Minimum length is 2 typed double spaced pages, maximum is 6 pages).

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