English Portfolio Letter ( 700 words)

English Portfolio Letter ( 700 words)

– Please check the attached file for full instructions

– Please check the attached sample

Portfolio Letter Instructions

Your portfolio will be a compilation of multiple drafts of three formal writing assignments that you have completed throughout the semester (Essays 1, 2, and the Research Paper). You will begin your portfolio with a persuasive letter addressed to me, your instructor, in which you will formally state your case for having learned and progressed during the semester, particularly as it relates to 3 key concepts that we’ve studied and discussed this semester: Self-Regulated Learning, Critical Thinking/Universal Intellectual Standards and Discourse Communities.

Your Portfolio Letter should make claims about what you have learned in relation to each of the 3 key concepts above and what your current understanding of them is. The claims you make should be supported with examples from your reading and writing assignments. All assignments you’ve completed are eligible to be used as supporting examples, but you should make a particular effort to refer to the 3 major portfolio essays.

The Portfolio Letter should be written in formal academic language as much as possible. You will need to refer to yourself and your writing in the first person, and you may address me in the second person if you wish. Avoid informal language such as slang that you would use in a letter to a friend.

Your letter does not have to follow standard essay organization, i.e. introduction, body, conclusion, but paragraphs should make claims, support those claims with evidence from your assignments and explain why the evidence is persuasive.

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