Immune System Division of Nervous System Stress and Pathology Assignment

Part A. THE STRESS RESPONSE: People experience stress in different ways.

1) What symptoms do you experience when you feel stress?

2) What do you think happens to the immune system when you are stressed?

3) What division of the nervous system is very active in people involved in stressful situations?

4) What reactions does the body have to stress because of this branch of the nervous system?

5) Have you ever experienced this? If so, explain why and how that felt.

6) Discuss how and why stress is a GOOD thing.

7) Briefly discuss how the endocrine system works with the nervous system in stress?

Part B. Illness is one of the main causes of stress, so discuss a pathology involving the nervous system that you have personally or professionally witnessed. What is the anatomy and pysiology of the pathology (i.e. What part(s) of the nervous system is/are affected and how is normal physiology interrupted?) and what are the etiology, progression and final outcome of your selected neuropathology.

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