Mental Accounting Speech Script Paper

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Mental Accounting Speech Script Paper

Pitch performance is 4 mins speech (About 16 slides of ppt)

Speech present on a topic that is particularly interesting to you, but not necessarily career related. For example, why llamas are great pack animals, why you should hate math, why kombucha is a fascinating drink, the practical side of dreaming, or why the barre portion of a ballet class is a mindful practice. The sky is the limit. Go deep on an unexamined topic, or tell us about an obsession that you need others to hear about.

Topic: Mental Accounting

Sample script







Pitch advances writer’s rhetorical purpose. Clear thesis statement that makes an original argument.

Pitch usually advances writer’s rhetorical purpose. Strong thesis statement that makes an argument.

Sentence construction intermittently impede the writer’s rhetorical purpose. Gestures at a thesis statement but does not quite make an argument.

Errors and sentence constructions impede the writer’s rhetorical purpose. Does not have a thesis statement.



Organization effectively enhances and develops the main ideas of the pitch.

Organization is generally logical and supports the development of ideas.

Organization is somewhat logical, but may also be formulaic or sporadic in helping to develop ideas.

Pitch lacks structure; Organization does not help develop ideas.


Argument supported by clear, detailed, and thoughtful examples. The analysis seamlessly supports the argument.

Argument supported by good examples. Examples could be more detailed. The analysis supports the argument but could be more specific or stronger.

Argument not supported by clear or appropriate examples. Missing clear analysis or analysis doesn’t connect back to the thesis.

Argument lacks clear examples and/or any analysis. Examples don’t serve a clear purpose towards the author’s point.



Demonstrates a strong, positive enthusiasm about topic during entire presentation. Uses a clear voice and pronunciation of terms so that all audience members can hear presentation.

Occasionally shows enthusiasm about topic. Most audience members can hear presentation.

Shows some disinterest toward topic presented. Student’s voice is low and at times difficult to understand.

Shows absolutely no interest in topic presented. Student mumbles or speaks too quietly. The majority of students are unable to hear or understand the pitch.



Holds attention of entire audience with the use of direct eye contact and fluid movements, which helps the audience visualize.

Consistent use of direct eye contact with audience. Made minor mistakes, but quickly recovers from them; made movements that enhances articulation.

Displayed minimal eye contact with audience, while reading at times from notes. Very little movement or descriptive gestures. Had trouble recovering from mistakes.

No eye contact with audience, or entire pitch is read from notes. Tension and nervousness is obvious; had trouble recovering from mistakes.

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